Super-Efficient. Clean. Wood Burning.

Reaching 90%+ combustion efficiency maximizes heat accumulation and BTU output.  This means almost all of the wood is used to produce heat, instead of unused heat going up in smoke. All of those nasty toxins are incinerated instead of entering your lungs and the atmosphere. Plus, the EPA recognizes Eco Firebox as being such a highly efficient and clean wood burning appliance that it is exempt from emission testing.

Design it the way you want it…


Whether it’s a stand-alone architectural statement or a standard installation, the style is completely up to you. Opt for a modern see-thru style or go the more traditional route; the design options are limitless, customizable to your personal preference. Then, clad it with your favorite masonry facade: tile, stucco, clay, brick, or stone. Oh yeah, and all Eco Fireboxes are baking ovens, too!

A Baking System “Baked In” for free!

All Eco Fireboxes include The Weber Grill Gourmet baking rack, allowing you to take advantage of Weber’s gourmet grilling attachments.


Add additional Weber Grill Gourmet attachments for a unique grill experience!

Elegant. Modular. Turn-Key.

We took what’s traditionally known as a “masonry stove” or “masonry heater” and added a few technological twists, making it both modern and modular. Instead of requiring weeks of time by engineers and highly specialized craftsmen to plan and construct, most handy homeowners can install Eco Firebox within a matter of hours.


nfpa astm


Designed, engineered and always installed using the NFPA, ASTM and ICC/IBC/IRC building and fire codes.

Accumulate. Store. Release.

Eco Firebox is heat-accumulating. This means it can store and release heat over a 12- to 36-hour period (after the fire is out), without having to constantly tend to the fire. You will burn a fraction of the wood while enjoying pleasant radiant heat.

  • 11:30 to 2pm: fire in the firebox
  • 2pm: fire is out, dampers are shutdown
  • 2pm to 4pm: fire is out and Eco Firebox will radiate the heat captured from the fire. And, cumulatively store the heat from each additional fire you make!
  • 4pm to 6pm: Eco Firebox’s ceramic accumulating panels (located out of sight within the unit) will become saturated with heat that would have otherwise escaped out of the chimney
  • 6pm to 8pm: Eco Firebox continues to radiate the stored heat from its entire surface area
  • 8pm to 10pm: the surface area is still radiating its stored heat…

“WOW – Absolutely Amazing”

“Our daughter is allergic to wood smoke. Eco Firebox not only provided us with a clean-air heating solution, it decreased our oil bill by over 80% and we usually cook and bake all our meals in it.” – Tamworth, NH 

Would never had believed it until I felt one 8hrs after the fire was out. Wicked good idea!
Woodstock, VT
I’ve been burning wood for over 40yrs. I was very skeptical but absolutely fell in love with our Eco Firebox. We watch the Eco Firebox more now than our TV. Thank you Les and Company. We love our Eco Firebox
Oakfield, Wisconsin
Just wonderful! The first thing our friends do when they visit is hug our Eco Firebox.
Wasilla, Alaska
The Eco Firebox Team was able to design us a see-thru firebox that no one else could engineer. Secondly the heat that our Eco Firebox radiates is awesome! The whole family loves our Eco Firebox!
Cape Porpoise, Maine
Can not say enough about it! Very impressed with the technical and design support.
Austin, Texas
The Eco Firebox bakes great breads and pizzas! Les helped us create a design that captures our love for Tuscany. The detailed drawings gave us a clear idea of how it would look in our home and its efficiency far exceeds our highest expectations.
New Castle, New Hampshire

Innovation That Sets Us Apart

  • Easy to light and zero fire babysitting. There’s no poking or prodding needed to maintain a gorgeous fire; light it and forget it!

  • Requires no electricity, gas, oil…nada. It’s a 100% off-grid solution.

  • Large, ceramic glass door. The 28″ W x 16″ H glass door maximizes your view of the fire. (Doors are 5″ wider than example shown!)

  • Burns a fraction of the wood used by a wood stove or other traditional fireplaces.

  • A 20-year warranty on refractory components and a 5-year warranty on steel components. Field replaceable firebox liner, throat and channels.

  • Engineered to enable fire temperatures that incinerate toxins. Eco Firebox eliminates carcinogens like creosote and tar left behind by traditional wood-burning appliances, resulting in superior air quality. 

  • Safer with children. The masonry surface is safe to the touch and double-pane glass helps to mitigate glass surface temperature. 

  • Integrates with modern HVAC systems. Heat domestic hot water or supplement radiant flooring and solar hot water.

  • A complete turnkey system. Our Rapid Installation Cassette makes it safe, fast, and affordable to install.

  • Radiates accumulated heat for 12-36 hours. High-density ceramic panels absorb heat prior to releasing it into the chimney..

  • Real-time video conferencing support and training. Receive phone support, real-time internet white-board sharing, and custom design and engineering collaboration.

  • Can be shipped to your doorstep. After designing a unit in compliance with local fire codes, we can ship your Eco Firebox directly to you, ready for easy installation.

  • Bake or cook your favorite meals. The included baking system makes it easy to cook everything from pizza to lasagna.

  • Double the pleasure. Beautifully connect rooms with a see-thru design, created by simply adding an additional door.

  • Conserve heat and save money. Even during the coldest winter months, our clients have heated 2,000-square foot homes in New England with only one fire every 8-12 hours. 

  • Engineered using modern building and fire codes: NFPA, ICC/IRC, ASTM

  • Technological bells and whistles. Optional Internet monitoring and control system for manual- and/or automatic-efficiency control.

  • Advanced combustion system. Eco Firebox delivers 90%+ combustion efficiency compared to a traditional fireplace which is only -10 to 10% efficient.

About Us

We are Eco Firebox, a technologically creative group of people that love to innovate! In 2009 we set out to make a super-efficient wood-burning heater that can healthfully heat your home—not to mention bake a mean pizza: Eco Firebox was born. To make this as accessible as possible, we created a modular design that would make LEGO-lovers swoon. Since then we’ve shipped our heaters all over the US! Seeing how Eco Firebox has made lives happier and healthier is what keeps our collective fire in the belly burning. We encourage you to talk with us about your ultimate stove or fireplace design—it will definitely change your outlook on what a fireplace can do for you.

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